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Camel + Black

Saturday, April 2, 2016

I have been away for like a month now and I must say its been a rough time with school and exam stress you know and I just realise how important it is to just take or even spare a little time for yourself. I think I should stop worrying alot about that school stress as it makes me even go blank in the examroom oh! But I hope everything is gonna be fine now that I have reorganised myself and want to stay on the positive side and be carefree about it all. We all need to convince ourselves that even the birds in the air dont worry so much about tomorrow but they all get their food cause they believe every new day has new and better things to offer, so is every new chapter of our lives, all we need to do is grind hard and have faith that there is and will always be a positive result in every situation. And that is the only secret to success.


So sweets enough of my worries up there, your girl here was in town the other day and spotted this sleeveless camel coat here and all I could see were all the stuff am gonna wear it with , from all white like I posted on my instagram or all black here. Its just blends so perfectly with the nature outside as its still kind of brown and the plants are on the process of recovering their leaves and everything and am the brown sugar here as well so we all blend lol. It was an easy and simple look that did not need much effort, as little is more they say !(but who are they though?)


How is your year going down sweets we already into the fourth month of the year,  still funny how time runs so fast and It was just christmass and new year the other day! Hope you all grinding hard and faithing it cause we all making it this year in JESUS name!


How about this look do you like it or is the all white on instagram (see it here) better


Thank You all for dropping by

Enjoy your new Week



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