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Sunday, April 24, 2016


Hey you over there!

Currenty am feeling more of on the Naomi Campbell side and more on the asian side! I decided to do some trial and error with the poccahotas and now we here! Some days I feel good of what I did to the hair and sometimes, especially when the wind blows, the pony vibes nolonger exist lol, but its okay its all about trying new things though my face seems a bit wider than normal and the major trick that has made me rock this look is   is always wearing a winged liner  and please let me not indulge you guys into issues of winged liner and the its drama, you know its gonna be a great day when the left and the right side are perfect ha!


Anyways am back here with some yellows. I think it was last month when I was shopping at Mango and spotted these shoes on sale and the funny thing is, normaly I wear size 39 but on this perticular day there was only sizes 38, and 40, but there was one size 39 left and the lady that saw me hold the size 38 since i thought at first it was 39, grabbed the 39 and she really did a catwalk with it in a manner that only suggested she wasn't sure wether to buy them or leave them and all this time I realy waited for her to put them down so that i can directly bring then to the cashier but after 15 minutes of waiting I gave up and decided to try the size 40 and I was so surpriced at how they fitted so well thanks to the straps! Now this is it ha!

So to complete the look I went for this simple white basic dress, the yellow blazer, these aviators and as a top up added this two sided clutch. Am currently loving the pink "lovie dovie" nail poilish from Essie. What are your current favourite colours?

How do you find this combination? Is the Pony a yay or nay!!!



Thank you so much for reading !

Have a positive and Productive Week


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