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Monday, July 13, 2015

Yes when comfort calls you gotta answer that call! Heels are awesome and they make a very nice figure but you can't wear them all the time, Sometimes the blog misses flats as well ha! I hear most men complain about most women wearing flats, ballerinas to be precise, have "smelling feet" How true do you guys think this is? But thats their problem not ours, isn't it?
Back to my glossy flats, I was actually looking for the burgundy ones but they were sold out. Well, its ok cause these grey ones are also gorgeous and I can style them with so many outfits, am actually looking at them and thinking of how I will be rocking them with a long coat in Autumn! But  thats for another day, for today I tried to keep it as minimal as possible with this oversized chiffon top and a white crop top inside together with these Zara jeggings and the backpack did the final touch. 
You can get these leggings and flats together with the Backpack from Zara and please make good use of the sale lol, the top and crop top are oldies... This lipstick is the "Naked Brown" from Maybelline (see here) if you love it
So how do you find it so far? Would you wear it this way?
Thank you for stoping by and have a great Week!

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