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WE ALL DIFFERENT ... and thats ok

Sunday, August 7, 2016


Hallo sweets how you all doing! Am doing perfectly fine and hope you too as there is so much to be happy about, isn't it? Did you see how I raised my contour game to a new level like I developed cheek bones in no time ha! So I think am about to start modelling lol.


Anyways dearies today lets talk about something else, So I always see people selling  and promoting those Hairfinity tablets, others promoting hair products such as creams, shampoos, conditioners etc. Do you know I have tried all of them but it has never worked for me! You know we all different and we grow differently and am not my hair! My hair breaks a lot and grows very slowly and I have to accept and live with it. I have come to realise its pretty much ok to be different cause we can't always be the same as others. Its ok to wish that you had what somebody else has, but hey you also got other  great things  or features that others wish they had.You know when companies want to advertise something such as product they don't just pick anybody, they look for someone who meets their standards! So if Flat Tummy Tee doesn't work for you its ok, try sit ups! 

 In short am trying to say that we should not get upset when someone else gets positive results by trying out something and maybe you also try it and it doesn't work the same.There are so many ways of handling things. There is always something about you that someone else wish they had, and thats what makes you special.Learn to be confident about yourself and be proud of who you are, where you were born, your family, your skin colour, your appearance and all that jazz. Just be you!

So sweets sometimes I also try different things, Like the other day I was kind of interested in my boys outfits. He is actually a size medium but somehow I always find my way through his outfits and I wanted to try something different  so I got his pants, his tee and necklace and this is the result! The sneakers were already styled here. What do you guys think about tomboy looks. I personally love them and would like to show you more if you would love to see more! I could move it to boyfriend chick with heeled Sandals and a handbag what do you think!

How would you wear it?

Whats your opinion on being different? How has your experience been with these products? Do you think its gonna work for you just because it worked for someone else?




Thank you so much for reading
Have an awesome Day/ Week
Till next time 

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