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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Hey! Hey beautiful people ! How have you all been? I hope each one of you is doing amazing and enjoying the good weather.

First of all I would like to apologise for not keeping up with my blog lately as I haven't posted anything here for almost three weeks and you know as they say in blogging its about consistency my friend,  but I kinda lost the way to this somehow and I hope to get back on track. All I need is the motivation and more motivation dearies.


That put aside sweets, have you also wondered where the days are flying to! Like why does everything seem to happen so fast? Just the other day we were complaining about January having over 700 days in a month but did you even realise we are almost in mid May like where did the time go. I haven't even finished eating my easter chocolates yet and its summer already. Like in no time all these will be like "30 years ago" and this is what I worry most about...GROWING OLD!!! To me it feels like a horror movie. Do you also some times feel  like this when you see how time flies.

I think this is why we should worry less especially when it comes to money and start scooping LIFE WITH A BIG SPOON because one thing is for sure, TIME IS NEVER ON OUR SIDE anymore. Take your time to just think about it, just a little bit. Do you also feel like 1970 when someone says 30 years ago, but no darling soon it will mean the year 2000 (still looking for the emoji with both hands on the head to insert here, who took it)

Anyways let us put time aside and have a look at the yellow waist bag: You know when I like something I really over do it ha! On my previous post it was all about the red waist bag which I was allover and now we are here. And as you guys know yellow is my favourite colour.Let me tell you a little story, last week I was wearing a yellow pant and this top see it here  then I went to do my nails, the yellow ones in the post, so after that I went to the drogerie store to buy hand cream but unfortunately it was also yellow, so this cashier lady couldn't hold it anymore she was like , "YOU SEEM TO BE REALY INTO YELLOW SO, DO YOU WEAR IT EVERYDAY?" I felt like I was kinda crazy and sick lol so I actually just shook my head and left lol. I did not want to argue with her  ha!

For this look I just decided to go for these shoes that look like confetti in real life and full of glitters. Then paired them with these Zara pants which were 19€ only and the top was 7-9€. This Blazer is From H&M and I got it on sale at 15€ only. I learnt my lesson at H&M and i always wait for sale ha! I don't buy there immediately. This is a story for another day lol.

How do you guys find this look.

How would you rock the waist bag?


Thank you so much for reading 
Wish you a great start into the Weekend

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