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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Not everyone will love you,

But that doesn't mean you are not a work of art!

Remember even the most famous paintings have their critics! -Taylor LN


How have you guys been? How was Easter on your side? Did you find some Easter eggs too! I spent my Easter with the family just eating, drinking and watching movies as the weather was not really the best as it was kinda raining and  lightly snowing. But funny enough now as I write this post we are enjoying the summer temperatures of 23 degrees here in Munich and am loving it. I also got this week and next week free from work. How about you guys how are you handling your April?

I just quoted something at the beginning of this post about self love and guys I can preach about it because am currently loving myself ever since I went back to exercising and with exercise I mean Fitness. I have been taking like 30-45 minutes with the hubs and we have maintained it but of course just from Monday to Friday because the body also needs some rest and weekend activities also don't involve sport according to my timetable. Its Pizza and burger days as we relax watching movies with a glass of wine in our hands ha! 

Do you also do any form of fitness or yoga?

How do you feel good about yourself?In my younger years I think feeling good about myself meant a nice lingerie or a nice outfit with make up because I could eat anything and stay a size small. But as I grow older I realised the body values workout than I do myself. On the other hand its very healthy and health is wealth so am here for it.

That aside, lets talk about todays outfit. First of all I would like to apologise for my laziness cause I took these photos like two weeks ago and I haven't just had time to post them. But its ok because I am posting them now ha! I am sure you guys know about this blazer from last year. Its been a major highlight in my closet and I can only wish I had it in two different colours as well. The little skirt/shorts is also currently on sale at Zara and its a major piece for those of us who love showing some leg and feeling comfortable at the same time. The top is a basic top which only looks this amazing after seeing the iron box, otherwise it would look like some sleeping top or something. 

For this waist bag allow me to just start a new paragraph cause this thing is way too lit. You know when I went to Zara to buy it, I actually wanted the black one because I knew it would go well with everything but I found out it was already sold out and being an impatient person that I am I couldn't wait for those 3-5 days of online order so I decided to take the red one. In as much as I would and will still go get the black one, I am totally in love with the red one and I have been carrying it almost everywhere. And it actually keeps the waist areas warm in cold days from my experience with it.

What your favourite piece at the moment?

How would you rock your waist bag?

Thank you so much for dropping by
Enjoy your day!

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