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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Happy New month guys! Hope you all had a great start! Feels funny that we are about to start enjoying spring here in Germany yet last week was minus 17 degrees. And today(on Sunday) as I took these photos we were having it all sunny and at plus 8 degrees and it felt really great. I just can't wait for spring cause its my favourite season. I find summer somehow too hot and somehow uncomfortable. How about you guys? Whats your favourite season of the year?


So before I even talk about anything guys, Let me tell you how my extra lashes humbled me today before I did this shoot. So normaly it takes me maximum of 10 minutes when its too bad to put on fake lashes and I already thought I am an expert in this game but guys I never expected it. These particular lashes are kinda thicker than the ones am used to and I loved them because I wanted to try something dramatic you know, so I did  the right eye which always seems to work without any problem by just looking down on the mirror and making sure the glue is tacky and we are good to go. Then I move to the left eye and as per usual she is the mother of all make up troubles be it winged eyeliner or eyebrow. It always humbles me all the time. Did I tell you I had to clean the whole eye area with a wet wipe and restart the make up afresh ( looking for that smiley holding the head first). Anyways sometimes its good to know that not everything works the way we want or think they are going to do. So lashes will find me on the way and if we have a good day with applying them then we can enjoy and if they decide to fly somedays I will fly with them and use my glasses as parachute to hang on right!

Do you also have some make up struggle games cause me even eyebrows is not what it looks like everyday ha!

Back to the look: I got these pants from RESERVED, my favourite shop when it comes to style and just looking great. The pants were being sold with the top which was loose and oversized but I personally love my outfits holding on to me thats why I decided to go with this basic top with a touch of red that makes is look so good don't you think so too? Then I also got these detailed earrings that I forgot to take a close photo of but I hope you guys can still see them from far. To complete the look I went for my red pumps but would have loved some perspex sandals only that the snow is still on the ground so I better be patient ha! Eye details, I got these classy glasses from HM and I just can't deal cause they are just so dope. My little old Zara  handbag did the finishing for this look and as you can see red and pink are BFFFs ha!

How do you find the ensemble?

How would you wear your Palazzos?


Thank you so much for reading!
Wish you a great new Week

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