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Sunday, March 17, 2019

How are you guys? I hope you all doing amazing as we start another new week, with new beginnings! Did you have a great weekend?

As you can see from every corner on this particular post, am all about that snake print. But i can assure you I trying to wear it with confident but in real life I can't even look at snakes leave alone the big pythons. I would definitely be an easy prey for Mr Python coz I would freak out and have those jelly legs. I would never move to save my life! How is your experience with snakes? Do you also feel the same way or for you its fine. 


By the way did you know that we have over 41 species of pythons? I just googled it and guess what? I did not have the courage to look at those photos, huh!

Enough of that snake drama, On this particular post I was inspired by the current snake print collection at H&M and I wanted to bring some wild ideas into my closet which I might regret later, ha! I actually love the look especially the green tones. Feels somehow like am lost in the jungle for some reasons. I am for sure feeling wild in this.

So to highlight the look I decided to go for the perspex heels to avoid any colour that would steal the show. but still as you all know we are preparing ourselves for the spring and so I had to add a pop of colour with the yellow earring and this small yellow/Burgundy/white clutch bag that I got last month from MANGO. I think its available in black as well.

Whats are your thoughts on this combination?

Are you a fan of snake prints?

Thank you so much for reading and have a great new week



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