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Sunday, October 6, 2019



Halloo beautiful people, How are you all doing?

Its been long and yes I know! Do you guys still enjoy reading blogs? I mean Instagram has taken the best part of us and we spend so much time there even more than youtube right! Are you guilty?


How have you all been? How was your summer? Mine was hot and amazing. I am glad to say I feel like I want to make the blog active again. Lets say I got more than enough stuff that I would love to share with you guys. More looks and more interior ideas. I know I always say this but then get lost along the way(hiding my face)


Anyways welcome to Autumn and you know how I always feel about fall season. Its my favourite despite the rains of course. It was actually drizzling while my hubby and I took these pictures but am glad it was not that strong. We were lucky with it. 


You all know how I feel about these belted Zara pants, don't you? I am really collecting them. I got them in yellow, blue and now purple and am already tempted to buy the beige ones too even though I am more of a colourful girl. If they bring back the pink one am definitely buying sis ha! In this post I just wanted to show you these beautiful pants and remind you that you can still find your colourful style even in fall. You all know the combination between purple and yellow is not something new. I have seen it being styled over the years. How do you find my combination with my beautiful old coat? 


How would you wear it?


P.S. There is a purple dress coming up in the next post. Do keep an eye...


Pants and coat(old) are from Zara

Bag is from TopShop

Hair is from Unice through Aliexpress




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