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THE PLEATED SKIRT... 5 Different ways!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Hey you style lovers! How are you all doing? Hope school/ work is fine and if not its also okay cause better days are on their way and they are called Saturday and Sunday, thats how I usually motivate myself when the week begins ha! Anyways Today am not gonna say much but jump directly into whats going on! I love pleated Skirts especially the long ones and more so the one with the sharp Knife pleats (still finding "Knife" very interesting choice of description lol). I am very much in love as its easy to dress pleated Skirts up or down depending on your moods from heels to sandals to sneakers,from denim to leather to sweater. In short you can balance it to any kind of level you want to have it! So I am gonna show you how am gonna be doing mine hope you like it! This is the summer styling might do a winter styling soon as well.

1. The classic fitted Shirt


 So for this one I went for the classic look thats very simple and very elegant, chambray or denim top could also do magic to this look! So To pepper it I went for the belt in gold, shoes and small clutch. This is a look that I would wear to the office and to church as well as its very decent and well presented, don't you feel so too?

2. The Flirty- Eye-catcher

 This kind of look gives me that feeling of taking control but still being woman enough to look elegant, By taking control it kind of brings some sexiness along  by letting the shoulders greet the surrounding, in this way you creat some fantasy about whats going on behind the look. So off shoulder tops gonna let you be in power. This is a look I would definitely wear to a fashion party or when going out with my boy... and adding a leather belt gives it more of the vintage effect!

3. The Boyfriend-chic zone

It doesn't have to necessarily be the boyfriend Tee but it can as well be any tee that is a bit loose tucked in and you more than ready to take over the runway! Stripes and polka dots usually does magic to any look and I can't see any reason to continue living my life without these. They are special in every closet, actually the basics and mostly I love them loose and thats why I get man from mens collection , so got this in a size small from H&M. To complete the look added a black leather belt and vintage glasses, another Retro look! What do you think about it? I would definitely rock this to my child's party or parents day at school if I had one. Already planning for the future ha!

4. The Girly- Girly creeper

You Know this cropped pink leather jacket is my favourite girl and we have had so many sweet memories in such I short period ever since I got her into the closet. I actually bought it for this skirt if I can remember quite well and it its the best! You can as well wear a black leather jacket with ankle boots to a maxi pleated skirt to give it that feeling of taking control like a rockstar which would also make a perfect combo but i wanted to be girly here in particular!

5. Oh Necktie Blouse!

 A white blouse is  kind of the main partner to all looks, I have never seen any look that went wrong paired with any blouse!So I have this necktie blouse that is very see though and very light and the fom of it on the arm always gives any look that kind of vintage that it needs so I dressed it to the pleated skirt and this is what I came up with! to complete the look went for brown belt and bag with the nude heels. 

So sweets let me know your Favourite  combination and how you will be rocking your skirts this Summer

Till the next post  

See Ya!


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