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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Happy new week sweeties, hope everything is fine on your side.

How was your weekend? Mine was great, I decided to take this weekend for hair masking, face masking and all the face rituals and just have time for my personal self. I mean some days you need to do more beauty weekends and self reflections. It does me great personally. Have you also tried it. I mean just taking a few days off and working on your personal life. We always want to party and meet with friends and family over the weekends since thats when we get time but sometimes my home feels sweeter ha!


So on the last post I already informed you guys I was working on  a purple dress post after the pants and here we are! It took me a few weeks to eventually decide on taking this dress home. I was not so sure about it in the beginning and then I saw my favourite bloggers rocking it on Instagram and ladies I knew I was on the right track lol.

It is another Zara sweater dress that was around 30€, which is not a bad price is it? I mean Zara has really exaggerated their prices in the past 2 years but we are adjusting to it and i hope our bank accounts are informed about economy too ha! 

So being that the dress is a little bit shorter than the days in winter (smiling) I thought these public desire boots would go so well with it and I must say the results are amazing as we can see on the pics. I decided to match it with this beautiful leather bag that I got from my girls as a birthday gift and my old floppy hat that I once bought from forever 21 if I can still remember.

How do you find the dress and thigh-high-boot combination?

Do you have a favourite colour at the moment?

PS:The next post is going to be Yellow and Mint so do keep an eye...

Thank you so much for reading



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