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Monday, June 1, 2015

This is what happens when you have the basics in the closet! You can style them the way you feel like... I have worn this bodycon dress with sport shoes many times but yesterday i felt like doing some heels with it. It looks so simple yet so sophisticated, doesn't it?

Actually got it  with this longline knit Vest here cause  sometimes when it fits so well and people begin looking  I kind of get little bit shaken lol and vest has alway been a great solution. You know being too sexy in the evening is amazing but during the day it feels a little bit awkward!

It was kind of sunny and cloudy as well thats why the Photos seem to have different shades and currently am enjoying editing my Photos with the "Fotor" app and am loving it and still learning more as well

Hope you guys like the Photos, These shoes i got last year from Zara but they still got almost similar ones (see here)or (see here) and link to dress and knit vest is above or see below.
Thank you for reading!!!
Enjoy your Week and Happy new Month!

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