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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Should I reintroduce myself again here ha! I feel like its been ages since I last posted something here on le BLOG!

This is so bad of me right! The truth is that I feel like people no longer read blogs like before, Instagram has made it much easier for people to share everything on stories and on the feed making blogs to look more or less useless these days. I don't know if am the only one seeing it this way or am I just totally wrong. I mean even Youtube is no longer that interesting ever since we got the InstaTV as well, isn't it?


I have had this feeling for a long time and thats why I have also been  a victim of sharing a lot on Instagram and not here. But somehow the truth is am also very lazy when it comes to editing pics and a Blogpost! But this year I want to add more effort and just spend my time here and keep memories as we continue serving le lewks OKAAAAYYY!

With that said allow me to show you my current favourite Palazzos from my very amazing friend Aimie of ( really has been inspiring me with the way she makes these pieces and I always want everything in her shop. I mean, how gorgeous are these Pants guys? They fit perfectly well and the material and the patterns just makes me feel at home. In Kenya We say KITENGE for one piece and in plural VITENGE  (Swahili rules) in Most of west Africa its called ANKARA right by the way is that the singular or plural?These prints are very unique. By the way did you see the ankara printed dress Porsha Williams of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA wore for her maternity shoot(see it here incase u missed it)It looked so beautiful and totally different from what we always see.She was a masterpiece.

So I decided to style the pants into two different looks and I must say I loved them both so much. For the first look I went with a buttoned pink shirts so that I could also add this beautiful bow neck tie to give the look more life which really did. For the second look I went for the little orange top just BECAUSE, and I feel like I would wear it this way more often. 

Am I the only one who pulls out an afro when I wear these prints?

Which look would you go for dearies?



Thank you so much for reading and spending your time!

Enjoy the rest of your Week



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