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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Darling... darling am sorry but am the Beyonce number one fan! Its madness but its for real, she just slays it all the time and the last time I checked her white ensembles (see it here) and (here also) I knew what my next post was gonna look like! Its either you love queen Bee or just love her u got no choice if you love trends! So I saw these two pieces and knew I wanted just that peaceful white summer madness.
Summer is "finally here" and cotton is a must have this season! Remember it makes more fun when it has something making it speak even more and thats why lace and eyelets are great in keeping your game real, don't you think so? I tried to keep mine as minimal as possible since I wanted to maintain the white colour for the Highlight in this post...
To complete it, you can see I added this old Zara girlfriend in pastel pink and i think this bag is currently available in pastel blue, kept it cool with the shades and sandals together with the neckpiece and earrings I that are peachy I guess.
How do you guys find it? 
You can have a look at these Eyelet pieces and lace here for more INSPIRATION...
Thank you for enjoying the Blog!
Have a lovely start into the new WEEK!

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