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STANS OR HEELS... spring colours

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Hey Everyone! How are you all doing?

As I write this am actually watching "OUTLANDER" and am in the final season 3. Its very interesting by the way, should I tell you guys more about it or am I going to be a spoiler for those who were thinking of starting or somewhere in the middle. All I can say is that its worth watching and the story is amazing.

Have you watched it?


Anyways here is another outfit I was trying to dress up and down. Actually we were in another town(Ingolstadt) with le Hubs just for a small tour and I wanted to look great in heels but at the same time make it a comfortable day for me and my feet ha! So I packed my stans as well. From all the adidas shoes, I love Stan Smiths and the Gazelle styles.

Do you remember this top and pants I got from MANGO like two months ago and posted them on my instastories. I was happy  I could finally wear them. I really love the back of this top. It looks so simple but yet very detailed. Am pretty sure the bucket bag is not new to your eyes, I mean I haven't posted it here on the blog but a few times on Instagram.

What is your thought on bucket_bags?

Which look do you prefer most? Sneakers or heels?




Thank you for reading guys

Have a great weekend



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