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Sunday, May 1, 2016


Only a girl with long hair knows the struggle of wearing a lipgloss on a windy day! The struggle is for sure so real. I dont know if you guys also know this struggle especialy if you not willing to tie up that hair and enjoy the flow during a photoshoot and the pony is also a different struggle! But so far am enjoying the pony and I hope you guys like it too.


How is the going sweets? Hope you all doing great and struggling through the corners of life. I must say I am getting better at school and am now nearring my finals which will be inthe next semester! I just cant believe how time flies,  I never even expected to get this far but through hard work and not giving up am very proud of myself and everything is all by the Grace of God. It all starts us, our self determination and hardwork, there is no magic to success. I must say am actualy loving the person am becoming currently cause I think going through school life and actually getting that feeling that you are capable of doing things you never expected gives you courage to handle other areas that are not even school related! Its not just about the books but rather being even more open minded! I think I need to do a post on school life soon to tell you about my life and sciences...mmh

That said and done sweets, I have and am currently a HUGE fan of the new ZARA STUDIO collection, The blue and white stripes are just  so amazing. I could just have them all! The shoulder free tops, skirts and dresses on the show windows makes me go inside even  when am just from  one Zara already, I just find myself getting inside the next one.  You know here in Munich the outlets are so lined up in an intersting way such that as you walk through the town you dont even realise how far you've walked! Like when I go shopping at 10 am in the moning I come back home at 6 pm and am like what the hell have I been doing in town?

So I decided to get this off the shoulder poplin top which is so gorgeous. There was actualy one from H&M that came out once and we never saw it again and I really waited for it to be restocked but that never happened. I was very happy to get this Zara one which from quality looks much better as well. I also got these twill trousers in blush pink that I was really looking for and normaly I wear a size small but in this case I wanted something even more free so I got a medium size. I was wondering if I shoud have a bag or a clutch to complete the look but then decided that the pockets were enough in the end. Sometimes little is more, don't you think so too?

How do you guys find the look ? Would you need a bag or clutch to complete the look or just leave it at this point ?


Thank you for reading!
Have an awesome Week

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