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Saturday, April 9, 2016


By your grace, we have come this far;

By your love, we can do all things ,

Your grace is so sufficient,

Your love is always with us 

I wanna see your glory everyday ***


I just woke up singing this song that we used to sing back then in my High school every Friday evenings and Sunday Morning whenever we had the Mass, you know I was in a boarding school and it was such a great time. Though sometimes I could hide inthe dormetory on Sunday mornings and sleep because I didn't want to attend the mass or hide in the library on Friday evenings ha! Your girl here was a trouble maker but that was then and am a better person now and its all by HIS GRACE!


So sweets last Week I combined some pastels, currently am a fan of high waist pants and any blouse with buttons and now that the weather is getting better day by day despite the constant rains a blazer is the way to do it, I think I once styled this peachy blazer and  sky blue backpack sometime back last year during spring (see it here), I think the post title was SAYING SOMETHING with white pants and pink heels but this time I decided to do flowers and blue! 

So sweets how are you guys wearing your spring outfits, Whats the most favourite piece in your closet now? Mine has to be anything peachy and flowery!

How do you find the look!


Outfit details: Blazer (old from Forever21), Blouse, Shoes, Backpack and Pants (Zara)



Have a great Week ahead and keep your head and spirits high!

Above all,  good vibes only!

thank you for reading




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