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Monday, February 8, 2016

I know I need to stop all this drama and activate my Chill Mode! Why the hell is my right foot already stepping into spring when I know so well its gonna snow till end of April ha! How you all doing sweets hope you all having bright moods if not days despite the weather, work or school. I am just chilling here like why isn't it summer yet! How is your weather charts controlling your moods wherever you guys are?
Allow me to just thank   those of you who sent me so much encouraging comments on my last blog post from las week about being a perfectionist, I just felt so positive after reading your encouragements and just knowing I am not the only one. You guys might never realise it but sometimes people who are not even close to you might be the ones that put a great impact and inspire your life! I don't know if you also experience this at times. I am not saying that people close to me do it less or anything, am just kind of feeling like there are so many caring people out here and THANK YOU ALL...

Hey so why am I so orange today, the sun just came out on Saturday when I actually took these photos it was such great spring feeling and I had to pull out something bright but still do justice to the winter with the coat and the boots. Kind of just feels good to wear bright colours. To top it up I went for these kinda blue aviators from Mango, I was actually looking for bright blue ones that I can imagine myself wearing on the snow with the sun shinning. Can you imagine me or even yourself in the mirrored bright blue aviators on a sunny day playing in the snow wearing all white or with some grey or tan!! Just an imagination lol.

How do you guys find this look so far and if you feel I should have added or left something out just let me know in the comment as I am also learning here.
Thank you sweets for sparing your time and  dropping by 
Till next time

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