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SHINE BRIGHT! - Yellow Mood

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The weather is just amazing! I mean, for 12 degrees yet so warm! Hope you guys are having a peaceful Sunday and having a great time as you prepare for the week. The weekend never last that long like we want it to...
Anyways when its bright outside we first of all think of the colour yellow and I personally  love it because I believe it goes so well with my skin tone until someone convince me otherwise maybe, just then I will divert to something else ha! So I decided to try these 2 shades of yellow that I bought not so long ago from Zara. Its been about a month now ever since I was there cause I have been so busy but am sure they still got the pants but this particular  blazer not at all because it was the last years summer collection if am not wrong, but there are others in yellow too.
I know most of us are Summer ready and you have all cleaned your closet and brought the heeled sandals out so that we can all style them. This is the time! Mine are very much ready starting with these black and snake printed ones that I actually bought last year from H&M. They have been so loyal... I can't complain. On the pictures you will also notice the ballerinas. Let me know which one you guys prefer.
Its all about colour these two seasons and please be ready! I am so ready for it only exams are trying to kill my vibe lol...
So what do you guys think!
Thank you for visiting my Blog. Have an awesome Week!

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