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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Yes love, its  true we want that tiny waist, that flat tummy, a bigger ass, perfect skin with no stretch marks and smooth face with no pimples! The only problem is that you can't posses them all, its either you have something that the other person is wishing to have and thats why its good to begin with
accepting them and keeping your game up there. Just take it as a challenge if you must. Right now summer is already here or better said very much around the corner and for me I love shorts and crop tops but  Junk food is still my number one  so I have to balance them all and with that I mean just rock my shorts with the stretch marks and my crop tops with this tummy. The game has to go on cause Summer is such a "SWEET SHORT PERIOD!"
Just keep slaying it like Beyonce does it anytime and anywhere ha! She has really maintained her game and I must admit she always hit me like a Bombshell. 
Wish you an awesome weekend with less or no rain and more sun!!!
Thank you for Visiting!

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