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PATCHWORK... one Khaki  4 different ways!

Sunday, May 29, 2016





Hallo sweets and how you all doing?

On the other side we very much fine and summer or let me start by saying spring is slowly coming though the weather is still not making it in anyway easier! Anyways, those are just stories that should not even bother us, lets leave the weather do what it feels like doing but today lets talk khaki in different way. I was at Zara last week but one and I was looking for a good handbag that I can use to carry my books and files since the one thatI bought last year is worn out. Currently am not even interested in shopping like I used to be before. I am trying to sell all my items and then start a fresh again! So I get inside Zara and the first thing i notice is this long shirt or coat for that matter and I have always admired patches. I was actually going to get that bomber jacket with patches last few months till I realised how many 12 year old girls were rocking it and I am not that kind of person who would like to look like a kid as am already small in height ha! But still Patches are the new distressed!!

I love stories but let me show you how am gonna be rocking this khaki patchwork  number this summer, in the first look as you can see I was actually going to just blog it that way till i changed my mind to the four different ways cause this is something am gonna be rocking most of the time.  So..

  1. Khaki and Pink

This was and is still my favourite combination since an a colour lover , so I decided to top it up with the sandals and the print clutch and I was trying to do something with my hair but it didn't work as expected but still  loved the look cause I didn't want it that perfect anyway! I then tried it out with belt which is always my way to go when i want everything to be put together.

How do you guys find the two colours? With or without the Belt?



  1. Khaki and denim shorts

You know am a denim short lover but sometimes  I also have my insecurities and thats why my khaki long shirt here was a great investment! So i can enjoy my shorts to school and anywhere else without any problem at all.

Do you also sometimes get insecure? What do you think about this combo?



  1. Khaki and Classic

This is actually how a normal day in my life looks like, of course without the heels . I am always wearing sneakers or flats  to this kind of look.

A good fitting skinny trousers/jeans should never miss out in a girls basic to go looks. I mean they are always simple on simple days but can go from 20-100 in a minute depending on the shoes and what you wear them with!

So for this look i wanted to look chic but not forget my boyfriend cap. This can be a great look for those days when you don't have anything or know what to wear, isn't it?


  1. Khaki and little grey dress

On weekends there is always a lot to do so we always running up and down. Like when you go shopping for clothes you want an outfit you can remove easily without staining it with make up or having to unbutton and button it again in every outlet. The right kind of shoes is also important,not those ones you have to lace up and down! So this is my kind of piece when am having such saturdays, and now that its not yet warm enough and you might need this khaki number here to cover those arms or just tie it around your waist while minding your own business ha!

You want it simple but you want to salt and pepper it as well, don't you?



So sweets did you like any of them!




Thank you so much for Staying tuned and always visiting!

Have a lovely new Week



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