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Monday, September 14, 2015

Happy new Week sweets! Its already middle of September , how crazy ha! It like October to me already and like we got only two more months to go before we end this year. So how far have you come so far? Have you managed to achieve at least some of the things you set for this year cause there isn't so much time left. But you sure can still manage something in the remaining three and a half months left!
In as much as we have experienced and may be  experiencing difficulties and dark moments through out our life journey cause it can never be sunny everyday, once in awhile there is always something to smile about, Just be HAPPY and stay motivated cause there are always brighter days!
So on Sunday, in as much as the weather is changing each day, moods are also  changing each day and we experience life battles in one way or another I just wanted to brighten my day and just feel good once in a while. So I went for this yellow coat that I have been loving from day one ever since I got it,  together with this kinda sheath dress and these metallic gold pumps I was ready for dinner with the hubby. Tried to minimise accessories around the neck area as I thought it was ok that way.
My motto always is, " BEYOND GOOD AND BAD ITS AMAZING TO BE ALIVE" how about you. How do you get up when you fall or when you down and brighten your day or mood apart from going shopping as we ladies  think its a therapy ha! 
How about this Outfit?
Thank you so much for taking your time to read!
Enjoy your Week
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