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OKTOBERFEST 2015!!!...Beer lovers

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy Sunday from me to you. How are you all doing? Hope all is well with you guys and today we gonna be traditional! Do you guys know what OKTOBERFEST  is? I know some or most of you know about it, but I will still explain as I enjoy telling people about it ha!

Octoberfest is a very special festival here in Bavaria province in Germany, Actually its just a beer and wine drinking festival for a whole month! It all began in 1810 to mark the wedding of Prince Ludwig who later became the King with his princess Therese. I  all started began with a horse race festival on the fields that was later given the name Theresienwiese, in honour of the princess cause actually "wiese" means grassland or hayfield. This festivals has always been celebrated with Bavarian special dishes like  roast pork and chicken,grilled fish pretzel, sauerkraut and red cabbage...(the list is long) and of course the beer that are and have always been brewed here in Munich. To every festival there must always be the right outfit and Oktoberfest has its very special outfits for both men and women and for me this has always been the best part as the outfits are always top. 

For the dress that is mostly worn by women its called the "Dirndl" and the mens leather pants are called "Lederhosen" and as usual women love to try new things and thats how sexy leather pants are also worn by women! and in this post I wanted to show you guys how am gonna be rocking my Dirndl and lederhosen this year for the four weeks festival. Not to forget how gorgeous it is for women to braid their hair and just bring out something nice. I am not so good at the braiding but am happy with my results on the hair! I know I tried mmh.

There are always so many tourist from all over the world who just save money in oder to come and enjoy the beer and wine festival, I mean who wouldn't like to come and enjoy a tradition that has existed for over a 100 years even though I find the bear prices a bit high and funny how it is raised every year. To know more just google about it and get to know more...

So how about my outfit which one would you go for? Sexy or Boyfriend chic?

Thank you all for READING and enjoy your New WEEK!
Till next time,

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