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OFF THE SHOULDER... the carmen top

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I am the one who was complaining about the weather cause it was raining all the time but now the sun really came and its kind of mad that it couldn't show up early enough... IT IS SO SO HOT!!! I just want to open the fridge and sleep next to it all day lol, Its like an oven outside here in Germany!
Anyways we should make use of it while we still got it though. So for this angry weather I decided to feed it some yellow and black. I know black is not the best idea at this time of the season as it absorbs so much heat but you can't say no to this sexy and I know it carmen top. Summer is all about freeing yourself from all those heavy things and off shoulder is one big solution literally. A little blond hair is also a great highlight for me this summer.
I decided to wear this black carmen top without any accessories around the neck so as to make it the main highlight of the post. I don't know about you but for me its just okay this way and to complete the look i decided to add these awesome black heels with the leopard print detail to the look and the stripped clutch.
I bought the whole outfit apart from the clutch and accessories around my arm from ZARA and remember there is SALE now so if you love it then go get them! The yellow nail polish is actually from KIKO and you gotta love it!
How would you wear this top and make it the Highlight?
Have a lovely Week Sweets!

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