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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Why is it that we Bloggers tend to do so little during the summer while the days are longer and the sun is shinning? This is the time we can express our feelings in outfits and share all the fun ha! Is it the weather or the little time we have cause some days its just too hot that you don't even wanna go outside. Its also that no make up season cause girl you step out of the door and everything melts away... Or could be that in summer there are so many birthday parties and barbecues that we got less time for the Blog. Am just sitting here in my dressing room drinking Ice Tea and wondering ( Btw I quit Alcohol last week after embarrassing myself lets see how long I can do this ha! )


Anyways beautiful people how have you all been? Do you guys still remember your person. Its me oh.

I got this flowery off the shoulder little gingham dress 2 months ago from Zara and am sure it was already on sale back then. Due to the moving process I totally had no clue it existed in my collection till two weeks ago when I finished organising the dressing room. Styling this playful piece was so fun cause girl I let the flowers guide me. At first wanted to accessorise it with blue heels but then I saw these Yellow Metallic babies and I was all over (inserting a kissing smiley). These heels are from Steve Madden and I got mine at TK MAXX and by the way the little cross body bag is on sale at MANGO.

Did you notice those earrings girl?

So beautiful people how would you rock this piece and how do you find mine?

Let me know whats keeping you all busy this summer cause in my case it could be the heat. Its just too much ha!


Thank you all so much for reading!
Enjoy the rest of your day
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