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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


WHEN GOD DOESN'T BLESS US AS WE WANT, IT DOESN'T MEAN HE ISN'T BLESSING US AS HE WANTS! I read this one somewhere and felt like leaving it right here dearies, so  how you guys faring. Welcome to OCTOBER! We officially in the eating season yay!!! You know the layering together with the heavy jackets are gonna hide everything and sure chocolates are our new partners in crime, isn't it? Lets not forget the grind as we eat and enjoy the festive season that is slowly approaching. This years goals have to be accomplished no matter what...


Did I tell you that I already started buying Christmas decorations, or is it too early ?

Anyways let me not say much  and jump straight to this look. Like I said am not any fashion stylist neither do I understand the language of Fashion. I love and try mixing looks and watch other girls inspire my moods when it comes to what to wear and how to wear it. Just like mood swings, I can tell you I have seasons when I shop mens collection and enjoy the sexy Tomboy looks and there are seasons where I wanna be chic and sexy or elegantly ladylike.When the feeling says this is the new direction and the body wants it that way,then who am I to say no. I can't say no ha!

So for this particular look I went for this Pink H&M long-sleeved top in size large( currently into the oversize thing can't help it) Then added the grey sweatshirt  to it and to top it all up went for these interesting socks with gorgeous colours that are kind of saying bye bye to summer and saying hallo to Fall! The classic shoes are from Zara Collection from early this year I think. 

It was so easy to rock this look and to shoot it for the blog but the most difficult part was running errands in town in this look everybody was looking at me in such funny manner as in I guess they though the top was a nightdress or something and they were also worried about the socks. So normally on such occasions I walk with a smile so that they can know everything is fine ha!

So dearies what do you guys think about this look? Would you also run errands in town in this kinda look or would you rather  change the outfit after the photo shoot?



Thank you so much for visiting and do enjoy your Week


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