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Monday, August 29, 2016

Hey lovelies! I just got back from the holiday and am really  worn out due to the heat outside heresurprise  , I think am urgently in need of another holiday. I do love summer so much but am more of a lover of maximum 28 degrees, more than that I just can't deal. Even my make up says no to that kind of summer ha! Your face melt even before you finish doing the the make up and you left wondering how, but its sure better than the rains or winter on the other hand. How is it going down on your side? Any heatwave?


Now lets talk : There is something special about a simple little black dress that beats all other outfits at large. Its a base to any party, cocktail, wedding, dinner, date night looks and so many other occasions  that would actually go with it depending on how you wear it and what you wearing it with! Remember Karl Lagerfelds words ... "One is never overdressed or underdressed in a little black dress"  Its actually the easiest kind of outfit that one can ever style. For example while I was on Holiday I realised I forgot so many things despite the fact that my two suitcases were full ha! A story for another day! Anyways I always have black heels with me and a clutch or a small bag for dinner or something of that sort so I didn't have to mind that the clutch was orange and the earrings were greed and gold. the colours just blend to the black without any effect of colour blocking, doesn't it?

Like I said its so hot that u don't even wanna think of the make up so I kept it very minimal on the face and the trick is always styling the face if u not gonna do the make up cause in the end we all wanna look good, don't we? So I got my clear glasses that  are somehow bigger and higher than my brows but they are perfect! If you go to Glasses shop they will tell you so many things about how high  your brows must be while buying glasses but me I think we all got different moods and tastes when it comes to style ha!

Wore this look to dinner and in the next photos showing you just a bit of the living room in the Vacation house where we spent the one week. Its was fun, comfortable and romantic though the weather was great towards the end so just a few of the many bikinis I carried got to say hallo to the beach as I was  only twice on the beach which still pains my heart wink


How would you rock your Little Black Dress dearies?

Tried it off the shoulder but I think  I prefer the normal full neck! How about you?

Thank you so much for dropping by 

Till next Week, enjoy your new Week


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