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Sunday, July 3, 2016



Did you guys also watch the match between GERMANY AND ITALY!!! That was a match and a half! I must say am so proud of both teams cause it was all about luck at the end of it all. What we saw at the penalty time was just luck cause both did a great job and they were both prepared for each other. I am not such a football fan I must admit, I always just take part of it with the boys but when it gets tough am like the only one who has been part of it like ever since!


So what am I trying to saywink? I am trying to say that its fine and very much okay to give everything your very best like our parents usually remind us to do. Like when you growing up your parents want you to be a teacher, an engineer, a doctor or a Pilot which is rarely the case. Growing up especially in an African home it would be termed as witchcraft and abomination if you wake up and start telling your parents you want to be a Fashion Designer, a DJ or a Makeup Artist for that matter. We have and we are seeing people making good money and a living out of these jobs but Its just because of God, Hard Work and Luck! God knew about us and our future even before we were born and has great plans for us even those that we are not even aware of. But it all start with us through waking up each day and working hard towards our goals and He will pick us from there. Remember God only helps those who help themselves and thats when luck comes in!

Enough of that and Hey Sweets How have you all been? I have been busy writing my exams which was not easy at all and I couldn't make it to the blog but I am now back and I got so so much to share with you guys!Summer just began here in Germany despite the rains, but we are slowly getting there.

So last week on Thursday was so sunny and I had to wear t lace number here. I felt like I just wanted to go back to normal since during the exam time I had been a jeans and snicker kind of person as comfort comes first and I hadn't pampered myself in along time so my baby asked me out for dinner and all I wanted was just  to have some good and comfortable feeling nothing too sexy , too much or little.So I grabbed this lace detailed dress here with the heels and clutch and I got back my good feeling as you can see! Got the dress from Zara but I think  now its  been sold out but you guys can still try checking online if you like it. By the way its always best to look for something on Sunday afternoon online thats when they are posted!


So sweets whats your take on Luck and Hard Work?

How about this look?




Thank you all for reading and do have an awesome new Week
Till next time,

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