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Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Hey beautiful people? How have you all been sweets. From the title of my post you can tell it is a very happy post as am posting or better said am typing while smiling ha! It has been a happy and will continue being a great time ever since I got myself something from the designer end! 

On my last post I was telling you guys how I have a problem when it comes to


spending money cause shopping just happens. Normally I don't plan how much am going to spend while Igo to the Mall or any shopping centre but on my way back home with my larger shopping bags beside me my account is always like, "Wendy look at your life, What have you done?" and its not such a good feeling for sure.

What am I trying to say? I forgot to tell you guys that I do these sister circles of having a certain number of people and paying a certain amount of money each month like lets say 10 people and each person pays 200 euros per month to an account and according to your position from number one to ten you can receive that 1800 euros cash. Its really something I would advice everyone to do BUT with people you trust so well cause we all know the cases to this, right!

So I have been doing two groups and last time it was my turn from one of them and I decided its time to start doing some designer stuff as in accessories such as belts,Glasses and shoes is something I want to invest in. So I decided to close my eyes, forgot my money issues for a moment and got me what I have always wanted. Sometimes it should also be about you as we aren't growing any younger. 

Even after buying the belt I didn't feel any bad feeling spending on just a belt cause I love it and I was and am ready for it.

What is that designer piece you have that makes your life complete or can't wait to buy to make your heart be at its best place, mine would be the Chanel Classic Flap bag, But that 5 thousand Euros is like rumours to me lol.

I  sincerely had no intention of doing a big styling for this belt as it says a lot itself and I just wanted to show it to you in this post before we can begin slaying it over those coats, blazers and dresses. So I went for the stripe polo neck top and the Zara shorts together with these Old Public Desire boots from last year.

How do you feel about the belt?

Thank you so much for reading!
Enjoy your beautiful Day

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