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Saturday, April 16, 2016



How you all doing sweets,

Every time am editing a post, its either am listening to a song or watching a movie or even chatting with a friend for that matter and thats how I come to think of what I am to talk about on the blog! I think its not so easy to be creative when it comes to topics that one may want to talk about considering what the post is all about. Through the one and a half years that I have been blogging I have come to realise people dont like blogs that only consist of photos and at the same time people hate blogs that are too long and thats me too included! When I read a blog I love looking for the key points so I can as well begin to know where my commenting should begin from before talking about the outfit!


How do you love reading blogs! We all different and some people love the stories and others love key points! Some also love topics that are outfit related when it comes to fashion blogging! I think you cant pick a bright and gorgeous outfit and start talking about something sad or negative, can you? 

Anyways sweets look at me now,  do you see some hippie coachella feeling being activated? Myself I can feel it somehow! I really love especially  Vanessa Hudgens, Kendall Jenner, Beyonce and so many others during the Coachella Festival, their outfits are always MEGA. All you need is some leather, Fringe,comfortable boots especialy the cowboys or gladiator sandals, maybe a vintage oversized denim  jacket, or along white or black transparent gawn with an amazing bikini under it with a good floppy hat to top it up, some feather earings and leather armbands in many different colours, vintage glasses  and so much more you can think of...

But you know am in Germany lol let me stop dreaming coachella and just sit here waiting for our BEER FESTIVAL called the Octoberfest ha!

How do you find this coachella inspired look!

Thank you all for reading Sweets

Enjoy your new Week


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