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Thursday, February 25, 2016

How you all been, Oh my God I feel like am becoming boring with this kind of greeting every time I do a post! I am sorry guys I just don't know how to greet and am also a very shy person at first but when I get deep am even a big problem. You might even want to get rid of me lol. I tend to talk a lot when I get comfortable. How about you guys?
I don't know if I already mentioned it to you guys but am getting very deep into the 70's and 80's style  ,am all about the Bohemian chic, Its like on instagram if I notice anyone embracing this style and inspires me I follow immediately. I want to change my whole closest for this new love. I want it to be hippie and especially now that am getting ready for summer, wait, we not even through with the winter yet but am kind of skipping spring as am summer ready! I don't want to complain as the weather has been great the past few days here in Munich, the sun shines from time to time and you don't need to pack yourself up when going outside.
So sweets, on Sunday we had the best weather so far and it was the Val's day as well. So I got this Mango flare Pants out with this old Zara white crop top and heels. This clutch is an old one too from Primark. I think I should tell you guys in another Blogpost how I shop my items so that I make sure I got the basics and can pair them easily without running up and down to the shops every now and again to complete my looks. I always make sure I have a HIGHLIGHT like the pants here for  today and so to complete the look I don't need to buy a new bag or accessories, or do I ? As a student you have to plan every step! Maybe later I will be thinking otherwise, but for now its not that deep...
How do you guys find the look and I think my make up game is also improving each day, I mean its nothing dramatic but hey,  just the way I like it, don't you agree with me? On my lips I got the Maybelline Matte lipstick in "Latte Beige" and lip liners from Kiko. I think I used two liners, number 704 and 712, to get this pink nude look. Kiko is a shop that is my part of  life now!
Thank you so much for Reading sweets 
Have an awesome Week

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