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HOTPANTS..cause why not!

Monday, September 12, 2016


How best do you guys show or make those limbs as long as possible? My favourite trick is the hot pants and the perfect camera angle whereby the photographer is typically lying on the ground ha! Cause why not? The hot pant must be as hot and as high as possible and the perfect fit. Being that I am a blessed African woman with quantity, I tend to have difficulties in finding a short or denim pants that fit my "fine thank you" if at all you can relate and at the same time my waist. Its always a struggle sometimes I gotta fix the problem myself which never come out as great as i wish it to be but am still very grateful cause why not? Actually am not that tall but thank the heels too I can now admire the long legs here, hope you too


Anyways hope you all have and are doing more than great,going through and keeping up with your daily routines like me here.

So we now in September and we slowly sliding into the Fall/ Winter but summer is still cheeky and so am grateful cause it came to us very late so why not just enjoy it and do other things like cat-walking in these hot outfits before we close that chapter! It feels so good to just wear  what you feel like when the weather allows you to do so and here I am a little more excited before my final semester begin! Actually can't wait to finish and keep away these books very soon...

The choker is one of my DIYs, I try being creative cause Kanye just taught us how to make use of anything and make it a trend (trashy but trendy). Isn't that man amazing?So for this choker I went to the store and bought some ribbons in different colours to pack a parcel then used the remaining as choker and in order to enhance it I decided to add that star Earring piece to make it look classy. Also did another one  with ripped jeans,  you can also see the photos on my instagram if you would love to.

I can't wait to go deep into styling these denim shorts, thigh high boots, long cardigans and all that fall/ winter jazz as it comes and have you seen my current boot obsession and collection. How ready are you for the cold season?

Got this long cardigan from H&M and lace up top as well, the shorts are from Zara


How do you guys find this look!

Would you wear it!


Thank you so much for sparing your time and reading!

Have an awesome Week



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