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Monday, September 7, 2015

When we think of Hippie styles, we see bell bottoms,flares , off-shoulders, fringe, flowers, patches,headband and so so much more... The list is endless, but my most favourite part of it is always the headband that you can achieve with a scarf or add flowers to it if you like to, then look for something with flares, could be a dress or skirt or bell bottom jeans! Cause in hippie we are just trying to express ourselves and not enhancing ourselves, myself for example, I could even do dreadlocks and feathers just to have my fun and go ethnic which is so much fun.

So sweets this weekend I just wanted to keep it so simple and easy. I also did not want to do so much just so as to express my easiness in this outfit. I loved this  kinda hippie dress that I bought two weeks ago and to be sincere I was caught between two shoes but I later on decided on these though the lace up sandals together with a fur vest could have been as great but that could have been too much as well.

I only try to wear my clothes the way I want and feel like though sometimes I get that feeling am overdoing it or keeping it too simple but at the same time everyone has their own style or what do you think? And am glad most of you like it!

Would you also rock it this way or how would you wear this dress? I could really rock it to a costume party with thigh-high boots one evening with flowers on my head, hopefully soon before the winter comes, what about you guys?

Thanks for stopping bye and Enjoy the rest of your week!


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