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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Don't let me down,down, down

I need you, I need you Right now

I need you right now....

So don't let me down ....(Song By Chainsmokers ft. Daya)


This is the song my blog has been singing to me the past weeks while I have been so unfair to the blog (inserting smileys in my head). Sometimes We can but sometimes we can't! Blogging is fun when you have enough time for it I must say cause its a personal and a genuine thing compared to other social media platforms like Facebook, twitter or Instagram, where you can quickly post a photo with a small caption and thats it. In blogging we write and we even go personal, we edit and we creat time for the photoshoot and everybody is sure a perfectionist. It only depends on how we control it. I for example I consider the photoshoot, the editing and outfit to be very important and sure if I take time to do all these then I should also write something worth that time spent. What is your take on this? Am I throwing a point or ISSA LIE ha!

So How are you all doing dearies. Hopefully all of you are doing more than great! I have been very busy with exams and the Lab has all been hectic but am here. Hope you guys have  also been handling the days well well. Now we almost there. So lately I have been a fun of the fishnet stockings style. There are some styles that I never thought I would fall so deeply in love with such as fishnets, oversized coats, trainers , oversized sweatshirts and pants or even culottes but I learnt to never say never.

You know Germany especially Munich is not so open about such crazy styles but we are making progress ha! Yes we making PROGRESS ... I see ladies also starting to rock these crazy outfits so when we meet along the streets we smile at each other and go different ways ha! To me thats the fun.

So my loves I got this parka from H&M onthe Black Friday sale and I was so happy cause of the 20% . I wasn't ready to pay the 80 Euros but I was ready to pay the 60 Euro which is so funny of us human beings but hey SALE IS SALE  ha!

To top up the look I went Military, I got this Jungle green long sleeved sweater top with these sweatpants from Zara. Some days only chucks can do it better so I got a pair for the legs!

Nowadays I can't find the best bags to complete such tomboy looks so I decide to go without. I feel like getting these tiny handbag but on the other hand they are not a good investment and thats just my opinion. Hope its fair on the outfit or what would  you suggest

Thank you so much for believing and staying with me dolls despite the fact that am not consistent.

Better days are coming...


Till the next Post

Enjoy your Week



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