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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Hey hey hey! 

How are you all doing sweets? How is the stay in the 2018 guys? Its actually crazy because can you imagine we are almost breaking for the easter holidays. Like,  I just had guests the other day and celebrated the new year! How come the days are flowing this fast. The good thing about it all is that the weather is about to change for the best and boots and heavy jackets or sweaters are about to see the door ha! Even though am a winter and layering  person. I still love spring. Summer is too hot for me and thats why I am not so hyped about it. I love my temperatures between 15-22 degrees above that will spoil my vibes through too much sweating and even makeup misbehaving lol.


Anyways I am already welcoming spring and you know its all about the flowers right! Did I tell you that my love for the red colour has now overpowered the yellow! I realised am buying more red goodies than I used to before. But still I can't hurt YELLOW so I will try to balance ha! That colour has my heart and soul.

What is your favourite colour at the moment?

So In this post maybe I should let you know in advance i actually dedicated it to these statement earpieces that I got from Zara two weeks ago. I also saw some in yellow too which I will be revisiting when the bank account allows ha! These ear accessories are just a statement piece and very detailed. This dress was and is still on sale from 40€ to 19€. Its a good bargain right? To top up the look or betters said, the shopping I decided to pic this red Chained handbag for 29€ which has a lot of space and looks really elegant. Reminds me of the brown Zara handbag that I carried everywhere till the handle broke. am still looking for ways on how to repair it.

For the shoot I decided to pair them with my old thigh high boots that I bought 2 years ago from Zalando. Zalando is an online shop in europe where you can find everything fashion wise .Oh! sorry I almost forgot to tell you more about the double buckle waist belt. I actually have it in black too and got both from TOPSHOP. At the moment you can also get it from ZARA now at a cheaper price, I think they go for 17€ and are in black colour.

How do you find this outfit ensemble?

How would you wear this beautiful dress?

I might look a little bit serious in this post but  don't think I was mad at anyone ha!

Thank you so much for reading
Have a great new Week

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