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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Hey beautiful, How are you doing?

Hope your easter holidays were as great as mine and you had a good time starting afresh because Christ is risen honey and we can start again despite whatever we are facing. I always feel like Easter is time to change what we wanted to change when the new year began but have been putting it aside. Its time to start over and the year is still young. We are here for 2019 and thats my reminder to you!


I am here watching the Homecoming video from Beyonce as I write this post and actually realised I edited my pics on PNG format and not JPEG and that means double work cause I gotta re edit them as they can't upload wow! 

Anyways today I wanted to share with you my two cents on positive thinking and maintaining the positive energy on this world of social media. People will try your patience in many so ways. With this I don't necessarily mean they will attack you directly but you might feel attacked in their posts as well. Its very normal to feel this way as human beings. The main question is, "Are you able to find your balance and keep the positive energy?" Sometimes you might feel like sharing your disagreement or how we best coat it with sugar as "OPINION" But is it worth it or called for? 

Everybody wants to be right, for example someone who is vegetarian wants to make others who are okay with eating meat feel like they are wrong and vice versa, christians wanting to let muslims know they are the wrong religion and vice versa, and so many examples like if someone feels you should invest into designer stuff instead of fast fashion but haven't contacted your bank account,  marrying out of your race drama and etc, I mean its totally not okay but who are we to judge. But somehow sometimes we feel like we have to make our stand clear to people who we don't know personally or why they say what they say!

So the first and the main weapon of keeping up with the social media neighbourhood is keeping up with your PATIENCE and guarding on your BALANCE. 


Thank you all for reading

Have an awesome Day and a great week ahead!



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