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Monday, October 10, 2016

Hallo ladies and gentlemen! Or do I just say ladies? You never know who is reading so Hallo World. 

How are you guys fairing? On my side am celebrating life as my sister just had a baby girl! At the same time am grieving as I just lost an uncle. Am in a mixed situation but all in all I thank God for the gift of life and I can't question why He always pick the ones we care so much about, but hey its part of the journey that we all heading in that direction one day one time when the right time comes. Till then we need to just be happy and celebrate the gift of life as we can't predict what tomorrow may bring, can we? I am not so good at addressing personal issues dolls so let me leave it at that point.


So dearies on Saturday I had dinner with the hubs and his parents (our parents) though mine are in Africa. Hubs parents live like 3 hours away from where we stay in another province (we stay in Munich City) and it always feel great when we meet and do dinner or lunch followed by a cinema once in awhile. Family is very important!

So I decided to go for this easy and simple (OK I feel like its simple ha!) look with my flared denim pants that I already wore on this post (see it here) and this simple but gorgeous sleeveless Top that I got from Zara recently together with  the camel waterfall coat(also worn here) .Funniest thing about this shoot is that we took like 30 photos and they were all ok and normally a real photoshoot to me means taking over 200 photos and choosing like 10-15 for the blog. Mostly its due to bad lighting, too much sun, some fly  on the lens and so many other factors and am also a complainer so Bae has to take a break to cool down his anger during the photoshoot but we managing ha!


How do you guys best take your Blog Photos and what factors or problems do you encounter during photoshoots. Is Bae the  photographer? 

How about this look, would you wear it this way!


Thank you so much for your Time! 
Have an amazing new Week

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