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Sunday, June 14, 2015

 It has taken me quite along time to really trust myself with culottes, I think its because for me its either vacuum or boyfriend jeans and pants. The more I read Instyle magazines and view other blogs is the more I get obsessed with them. Thats why last week I went to ZARA with only one intention, just to get them finally!!! Baby now we here...yaaay!!!

So I got this crop top and shoes as well. Actually the shoes were on sale so I did not hesitate and for the top I saw it the moment I got into Zara and grabbed it  didn't need to think twice lol. You know good things are alway by the door ha! For some pop of colour I decided to add this little clutch in Orange. With this simple hairstyle and the rings I completed my look! I wanted to do orange lips as well but I felt it did not look so good on my lips so I decided to go red.

Thank you for checking and from the culottes, top and shoes all from ZARA and the orange clutch is from H&M together with the rings. The sunnies are from MANGO. Now I must read for exams loves ...

How do you guys find it? Should I wear them more often?
Till then, Wish you a lovely Week!

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