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Monday, November 20, 2017

I just feel like the long lost prodigal son who is slowly coming back to his fathers house. I have been away for too long and sure if the blog could say something then it would be , "Last Seen in Summer" (adding that crying smiley head) I just must admit its all due to my laziness apart from other circumstances. Its just that I was taking some time away trying to reorganise my life as well as cleansing and above all I was enjoying the freedom of eating and sleeping!


Do you also just come to a point in your life whereby you don't find the fun and joy in doing what you once loved doing. I really enjoy taking photos for my Blog but recently (between summer and now) I felt like it was a burden to me and it was as if am forcing myself to do it. I decided to go a totally different direction and with that I mean instead of buying outfits and looking fly on the blog I decided to buy interior and Deco items(household goodies) for my new place and this has really been making me happy and I was even thinking of sharing more of the Home Ideas. Would you guys love to see such?

All in all I feel better now and I am about to start balancing both outfit and interior posts.

So dearies for this simple look here it was just all about my current mood all summer and fall. I was very much at home(guess you noticed the roundness ha) and did nothing rather than watch series(am a VIP at Netflix ha!), be a good wife in the house when it comes to cooking,cleaning and laundry which was fun till I got tired of it. I am actually happy to tell you that from December I will be starting a new JOB cause God has been great!

Anyways I have been admiring the pyjama looks on the internet lately and I couldn't wait to slay some silk pants too. I actually didn't bother to pick up the blazer to these pants cause first of all it was three times the prize of the pants (which is ridiculous) and secondly I am not a fun of the whole pyjama look. Maybe if I were to buy the pyjama "Blazer" i would rock it separately with denim pants. So it decided to complete mine with this detailed Mango top, my black heels and my all time best Blazer.

How would you wear your Pyjama Trend,incase u are into it?



Thank you so much for reading 
Enjoy the rest of your Week

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