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Monday, September 26, 2016

How you sweets all doing?  Long time no see or better said long time no communication with you guys cause literally we mostly see each other here online ha! So how have you guys been. On my side am doing perfectly fine just busy with the books getting ready to finish this final Semester. Its not easy oh, but am also not just letting it be difficult. So sweets bear with me if I take long to do Blogpost, But am more active on INSTAGRAM and SNAPCHAT as there is no editing to be done ha!


Anyways sweets I came across this quote the other day that says; DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME CALCULATING YOUR CHANCES OF SUCCESS AND FAILURE. JUST FIX YOUR AIM AND BEGIN!!! I mean its ok to be goal-oriented, the only problem is that we forget so much little things that push us towards those goals and make our life worth living. I just realised we are more of afraid to make mistakes in life,as a human being, we all want everything to be perfect. But as we grow older we come to learn that mistake is to Human and we gonna learn so much more when we able to see and correct our mistakes. So lets all get out of those comfort zones and try atleast something that your inner voice tells you not to do and see how your limits look like and even your chances of winning.  Just do something a little bit crazy BUT in a positive way! It could be sports, it could be baking a piece of cake, it could be wearing something you never that you could wear in the public, maybe a new hairstyle/ cut, start a youtube channel and talk to people if you are afraid of speaking to people face to face after all you in your room ha! call your crush cause who knows maybe he/ she feels the same way but none of you has had the courage, all these give life the magic at the end of the day cause sometimes normal also gets boring!

That said and done, lets get back to the Outfit! I am never contented with showing just one outfit such that If i get a good piece such as these cropped  pants here a lot of ideas run into my mind on how am gonna rock it so I tend to balance on the chic and casual side cause casual is my everyday look. High heels mostly over the weekend or special occasions. So I got into the pants, brown Camisole (am huge camis  fan lately) , Heels for the chic look and my Puma for the Casual. Me and my Creepers are gonna have a wonderful time this fall  I mean You can wear them with anything! And  I adore the this kind of tying the shoe laces on the ankles.

So sweets hope you can enjoy the photos and let me know which of the two ways was your favourite, am more of on the casual side!

Thank you so so much for reading and remember to stay Awesome....


Enjoy the rest of your Week

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