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BURGUNDY favourite floppy hat!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Happy Sunday loved ones, Hope you and your families are fine!

It feels like the week just began the other day and all over sudden its Sunday again! I don't know if its just me or you  do you also get that feeling that the week sometimes just runs so fast? Anyways, I guess its
so cause the winter days are shorter though time has not even changed yet! I think schools also makes the week run so fast for me especially because I have to be in the laboratory three times in a week and its not so easy in a Chemistry Lab but I guess thats the fun of it as somedays are perfect and somedays you just wanna drop everything and begin to focus on other things in life. But I always just have to remind myself that nobody said it was gonna be easy and I never decided to do it if I wasn't ready to get challenged by it as the road to success is never a straight path. I have also come too far with it that I can't imagine dropping it now!

Back to the this outfit, You know if you can't wear Burgundy  in fall then when do you plan to wear it? So I had to do it cause its fall and am a sweater fan for the fall especially the oversized polo neck pullovers with  skinny pants and chelsea boots and a hat. I actually buy a hat every month  and I love the collections and colours that I already got! In summer I love sunnies but in fall its the hats that capture my heart when it comes to accessories and I mostly get them from H&M! So for this post I went for this floppy one, a long white shirt, this gorgeous pants and my ankle boots and the lipstick is actually from Maybelline New York, I mean how gorgeous does it just look mhm, I just love their  matte collections. It doesn't need to be expensive sometimes in oder to look good, does it?

How would you wear your burgundy colours or even this hat? 
How about this outfit, is it a Yay or Nay!!

Thank you so much for visiting and reading and wish you all a lovely Week


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