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Sunday, July 10, 2016


Hallo Sweets and how have you all been doing! On my end am doing more than great! I mean the weather has been awesome throughout the week and everything seems to be going and working out as planned. Hope your grinding is also as awesome and the yield is at great as the investment you putting into it! 


So without saying much guys just wanted to ask you guys how you go about your disappointment in life. For example let me be open and tell you that I can do a lot of things with the computer but when it comes to computer Lessons and exams am  actually the WORSTsurprise!!! I once talked about it here on the blog can't remember on which post but just felt like talking about it again! Like here in Germany they grade us between 1-6 whereby one means excellent and two means good,three means average,four means below average but still okay,five means you worse not good very much below average and six you can guess  means just think of something else cause you doing nothing! In all the other nine subjects that I have been taking exams in I always manage grade 1 from time to time , grade 2 most of the time cause my german is not the perfect one and not my first language and grade 3 from time to time  but in computer am always the last in class with grade 4 like seriously ..., can you imagine when everyone else in the class score one or two! It hurts me so much and however much effort I try putting into it I have never been successful with it and I must also admit I kind of developed fear and a negative attitude towards it! Which is also not the best idea but I came to realise you can never be good in Everything and thats how to be normal!

What is your opinion? Do you also have something thats just bringing you down however much effort you invest into it?

So let us not bother about things we can not change cause the results are already here ha! Lets focus on how my/our summer holidays are gonna go down. In three weeks am going on holiday with the family and I just can't wait for those beach momentos. This year am a Maxi dresses with long slit  fan and its all that I want to rock this summer. So a couple of weeks ago I got this dress from Zara (which is currently on sale) as we were invited to a rooftop party back then and wore it to the party.But for the beach I had to restyle  it with the choker and the flats with the beach bag! So you will see that I styled it two different ways !!! I must admit I always have so many Ideas about how am gonna wear my outfits and sometimes I wish to show you so many ways but that would be too much for a blog post don't you think so too?

Have a look at both ways and let me know which one you would rock most! Easy beach look or classy and elegant?

Let me also know how you go about your DISAPPOINTMENTS as well!

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