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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Despite the fact that a lot of things are going on around us right now through everyday life and some through social media, we can still afford to smile. Social media is a great platform for catching up and keeping in touch with people around the world , but it can be a big platform for cold war and hate speech. I felt so bad the last 2 days when I read about the death of SANDRA BLAND, may her soul Rest in Peace, then to make matters worse some people go as far as creating new pages just to disgrace her name in the name of seeking for attention or more followers on Instagram. When will people realise we are no more in the 16th century but in the 21 century! This feels so so BAD!!! Just wanted to leave that here...
Anyways, its another bright Sunday and I don't want to ruin your day with my feelings or something of that sort. I went for this monochrome look , just like I had mentioned before my dressing depends on my moods and when am doing great I enjoy wearing bright colours, but when am hit with such stories going around like the one I mentioned above, I try to stay cool.
I feel like I want to recreate most of my outfits that I already wore when I started blogging almost a year ago.( End of August this Blog will be a year old) Because back then I had no camera, I was still blogging with the phone but now we are here. So thats why I decided to go back to this white Zara skirt and Forever21 crop top. I think old is also gold most of the times.. I think blogging must not always be new items all the time, isn't it?
So guys what do you think about these Social Media drama !!! 
How about this look as well?
Thank you so much for reading and I wish you a GREAT start into the New WEEK!!
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