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BIRTHDAY GIRL... decisions, decisions!

Monday, August 31, 2015


Happy New week and a Happy new year to me and the Blog! I cut my Pony on my own, looks crazy but  I love it!! Its so funny how time flies so fast, It feels like yesterday that I was happy to be 18, an adult , but its crazy again to be in the middle of my 20's and sadly I don't want to grow older than this but days turn into nights so fast and before you know it you there! I just wanna make good use of my younger years when I still got it, The Blog also turned a year old but it can grow older while I stay younger ha!

I know when it comes to a Birthday post readers expect big Balloons in the post and the number of years and party Photos attached to it. Sorry guys am not that balloons fun and I always love it as simple as possible with the hubby together with our parents and thats always enough for me BUT presents are always the best part of it and just like any other person I enjoy receiving BIG things, but thats for another post.

You know my girl; Milly Onyaye of Styled by Milly , kept reminding me of this dress cause I showed it sometime back on my Instagram but never made it to the Blog! I feel its a very romantic dress that needs to be worn to occasions like dinner and parties and thats why I had to put it on. So Hubby felt like it looked gorgeous with the cobalt blue heels and clutch but I felt somehow in between the line cause currently am loving animal prints so much and I love the black and blown tone to the yellow!

In the end I went for one, so which combination would you go for if you were to pick one? and what do you think I wore in the end!

Thank you so so much for being so positive and for always reading my Blog! Its because of you guys that I have been able to write more and for one year of blogging  knowing that somebody somewhere is reading is the greatest motivation one can get! 

Be Positive and enjoy your Week!

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