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Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Hey beauties, how are you all doing and how has Christmas been so far! Did Santa treat you well? I can't even imagine we are just a week away from 2018 like really?

Mine was more than amazing, had a great time with the family, drank alot of wine and ate alot of chocolates let me just say I had the full program ha! What did you enjoy about the christmas?


I wish I could stay a little bit longer with the family but I have to go back to work from tommoroww(Wednesday) till Friday. Who else has to work between Christmas and New Year. Now you all see why I deserve something Gucci right!!! But am already planning on treating myself to something small maybe next week...

This is my last post for this year 2017 cause am sure I won't be able to take anymore pictures till New year.  Allow me to take this opportunity to just thank you guys for the support you have been giving me ever since we started blogging. It's been a tough year, since I had my Final exams and went back home in Kenya for like 2 months,  Came back and we moved into a new house and with all these going on had so little time left for the Blog. But am happy to say that's now history and am very settled and I cant wait to get creative and creat more content. Like I already mentioned before I will be doing INTERIOR posts as well Juhuu! Who is ready?

Todays look is a very simple pullover and an easy crop pants look that I got from topshop while they were on sale and still are since last week. So if you can and would love go get them. Topshop is slowly becoming my most favourite place to shop now, even better than Zara! How do you guys find the olive sweater with the pants. I love the highlights on the sleeves and the tinny pleats on the pants.  I think the colour combination is lit!

How would you wear them?



Thank you so much for reading
Have a Happy and prosperous new Year!
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