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Sunday, July 31, 2016


Hey sweets how you all doing! The weather here is getting better each day and the moods are becoming perfect each single day! How is it on your side sweets?

Sometimes am also not so sure how best I should start writing a blogpost but I always find myself along the way while i write. So on this post I felt like sharing with you guys something little about DESTINY. We all don't know whats in store for us, how our future even looks like. Its something we can't change for how can you change something that you know nothing about? Destiny is something that is determined by the one who gave and keeps on giving you the gift of life and He already knew us even before we were born. We can only ask ourselves the question; What do I want in Life? In this way we able to learn about our Purpose in Life and our responsibilities come along and that way we able to fulfil our Destiny. So are you able to ask yourself that question of what you want in Life? Thats when you have  a plan and honey there is no success in life without a Plan and when you have a plan you are able to see the options that are there to be offered and choose whats best for you.

Why am I speaking about all these? You remember on July 22. something terrible happened here in Munich City, If at all you were able to see the pray for Munich Hashtags on  social media. So I sure had a narrow escape as I would see it and It was because of Gods amazing ways of protecting us. So I love shopping and I actually wanted to go to the Mall to buy a few things. It was a very hot afternoon and I was in the Lab till 15:30 pm, a perfect time to go shopping and release the stress from school right! And  it was also a Friday where everyone feels so free. But something kept giving me a second thought about going to town so I thought let me go home first and refresh myself before going to town. So  when I got home I decided to lie down and relax and wait for my boy  so we could go together but then all of a sudden as we turned the TV on and the news was all about people loosing their lives  and so many injured at the Mall that we wanted to go to.  At first we were not sure how many terrorists were  involved and I can assure you that FEAR is a Killer leave alone the gun. But its something you can't control and it makes you loose hope in life!  We thank God It was later clarified that the guy involved was a young man I think 18 years of age who just wanted to end his life and decided to take others with him. He was sick, We lost 10 lives and many others also got injured as many people were running up and down in fear not sure how many people were involved in the dirty act! 

Today I look at myself in the mirror and thank God cause I am now more than assured that he has great plans for me and with my life. I only have to keep going on my Plan and doing my responsibilities as a person.  So never be the person who answers questions about your life with "I don't know" Visualise your life  like you want it to be! It all starts with you the kind of people you choose to be around and the kind of life you choose to live. No more I don't knows!

I said so much sweets, but I felt like

So back to the look , I felt like wearing some Bermudas last Sunday and I wanted to style it many different ways but I guess ama do that in another post. If you follow me on snapchat you will know that this blush pink jacket is bae and it actually won a ticket to my heart, I actually wear it like everyday currently.  The bodysuit is from American apparel and you know they always look great especially when the pants are a bit loose but the only stress with bodysuits or jumpsuits is that when you visit the rest room you have to like remove everything so you have to think twice lol. But the advantages still be winning hun ha!

Whats your Take on Destiny?

How would you wear your Bermudas or Bicker jacket?



Thank you so much for reading

Till next time 


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