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Monday, July 20, 2015

I have been thinking of doing some exercise for the summer but am quite lazy about it ...You know when you love junk food so much and forget about the results that you see when trying your old crop tops, it hurts somehow but no  need to worry cause there are "HIGH WAIST" outfits that will take good care of everything sweetheart they are so tummy bearing and am loving high waists this summer since I wasn't ready for this summer, maybe next year ha!
Anyways back to this outfit, I have always wanted to wear these bell-bottoms that I bought some time back from H&M, but the problem always is that its either too hot to wear them or I feel like wearing something else! While I was going through Pinterest cause thats where I get most of my inspiration, I got so many ideas in mind and the weather was also perfect for wearing them.
So I decided to go for this bandeau top because I wanted to keep it a bit sexy and just to make myself comfortable I added this blazer to it and with these heeled sandals and this clutch i was ready to go. With the blond hair I feel like this outfit was more than great, I don't know how you guys feel it?
 70's never felt so good in bell bottoms, don't you think so too?
Wish you a lovely day and a great WEEK

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