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Thursday, February 15, 2018

As I sit here pretty writing this post its half past seven in the evening and I still don't now what to cook or what me and my husband are going to eat this evening. But again what am I even talking about when this is me everyday ha! I just can't be at work the whole day and think of supper at the same time! Who else finds themselves in this so called situation cause for me its a routine and even if I were to make a plan on what to cook everyday I can already inform you that I got no energy to respect the plan. 


How have you guys been and how did you spend your Valentines Day. Mine was work as per usual and we did drink some wine but not so much cause we have to save the energy for the next day ha! Maybe we will do something on the weekend but then again we have been living together for almost seven years with le boo so i think we used to it already, mmmmh maybe we are starting to feel old and boring lol!

Now let me tell you my a few of struggles as a wifey...

  1. Cleaning the house and maintaining it to my standard. In as much as my boy is helping me do it and most of the times the share two floors each I still have to repeat what he already did not because he didn't do it well but because am a freak.
  2. Doing the laundry as in washing clothes not literally with my hand but sorting and preparing them for the machine then ironing and sorting each piece where it belongs. Guys I have never hated this part in my life but I am not ready to wear clothes that are not ironed to work. Le boo throws his clothes everywhere so we always at it you know how guys and socks and boxers can be right!
  3. In laws. I really love spending most time with my in laws yes but I also love being  busy with myself cause if there is someone who knows more about "ME TIME" guys then its actually me. Sounds weird but am weird too so its fine don't worry. You know if you have such guests you need to be ready with cooking and making them comfortable all the time and guys mine want to spend time with me almost every weekend because they love me so much and its their only son but I don't know if you can feel me or am I complaining too much, Mmh! I wonder how it will be like when we have kids some day...
  4. Keeping the fire between us burning. This is the most important part of it all and this is where relationships die and guys am also giving my best and my boy is not complaining. I try from time to surprise him even in this red piece ha! All I can tell you marriage is an investment so long as there is love and it calls for contribution from both parties.

So for the Valentines day I decided to get me some silk camisole and catwalk infront of le boo so that he can know am still around  in as much as I share with him the sweatpants ha!

I actually love the two pieces so much though I was looking for some long silk robe. Something like a silk duster but I couldn't find them on Asos anymore so while checking on Amazon I came across this and thought it looks great and comfortable for a good wife who is doing all her best to send away all the "Becky with the good hair" if you can relate to Beyonce's Lemonade.

Apart from the pyjamas ladies do you also do some lingerie on this side from time to time. Me personally yes but without the make up ha!

How do you find this look?

Tell me more about your relationship goals and struggles.

Thank you so Much for reading 
Have a great Weekend 

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