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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wore this look yesterday in the evening and felt like sharing it with you guys. In summer we can just wear as many colours as we wish, there are no rules here and I love that so much cause  I don't have to consider anything.Like for this look I just decided to wear outfits that I have kind of missed wearing in along time and I wanted to colour-block just a little and  I find it very okay from my point of view!
You know when the sun shines there are shadows almost everywhere and getting clear backgrounds are very hard to find and the fact that I have to edit and make them clear is not so easy as I am no "Profi" but I still managed to get some clear ones ha! Am now thinking of doing a little bit more outfits on colour-blocking this summer, some reds, more blues and so much more!!
How is your summer going down and which are your favourite colours when it comes to colour-blocking?
Wish you a lovely Week still and and a good start into the Weekend!
Thank you for your visit!

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