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Monday, June 11, 2018


Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I hop you all doing BEST as I am on this other side of the  world.

As I write this post am sitting in the train heading to do some braids on my hair. You know braids and conrows are the ultimate summer hairstyles, right! It's so hot  right now in the train and the sun rays are quite annoying as well, actually I feel like just removing and putting everything am wearing right now into my bag, starting with this afro wig Ha!


We always want summer when the winter is too cold but then summer comes and the days are actually beautiful I can't complain because we can do all great the outdor activities. But then it dawns on you  that you can't sleep well at night due to the heat and it gets very uncomfortable day by day. On the other hand I could also sleep with the fan yes, but it gets uncomfortable to me for one and another reason is that its way  too loud for my ears.

Does anyone of you have these problemss too!

So last week  one of my girls was having her 30th birthday and as usual am privileged to be the photographer ha!

But before I did that, I decided to take pictures of my look for the birthday party. This was an opportunity for the blog to also get an update right! The theme/colour of the party was, „ALL WHITE EVERYTHING“  I don't really know why my friends do all white most of the time , outfits end up being wasted due to red wine lol. I can also understand that if you tell people to come in other colours lets say red or blue or pink, there are just so many shades out there making it not uniform anymore, right! But I learnt my lesson last year already. When I wear all white, the red wine is an „ENEMY“ It is a trap  just avoid it sweets.  This happened to me once in my brand new outfit last year and I aint gonna let it do me bad anytime soon Ha! I am armed, I only drink white wine and sparkling wine and champagne of course! Summer is still so young ha!

Have you ever had these crazy lifetime experiences?

Back to the look, Its a bodysuit and the pants, If it were not for the party I am sure one of the two pieces would have been black or red. The great old perspex heels you have seen several times am sure. I will just keep on letting you know the are the most UNCOMFORTABLE items every blogger has but look lit on fotos.

How do you find this ensemble? How would you wear it?

Did you notice these vintage sunnies and by the way all pieces are available now in ZARA


Thank you so much for reading
Enjoy your week

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